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Google begin showing answers without any search results

Google begin showing answers without any search results
The Google search engine is evolving by the minute, and keeping up with the latest algorithm changes can be a challenge! Google have just announced the latest change – hiding organic results when a search has an exact answer.

Say you search for something along the lines of “Time in London” or “15km in miles”, who needs ten blue links when you have the answer straight in-front of you? Where Google is confident it has the answer, it is hiding the organic listings from some search results. Of course, it’ll give you a button below the answer to load search results if you want them.

Here is an example of Google hiding search results where it has an exact answer

“For calculator, unit converter & local time, we’re experimenting with a condensed view to further speed up load time. People who search for these tools rarely use full search results, but the results will remain available for those who want them via the ‘Show all results’ button.” – Danny Sullivan, Google

There are definitely positives to this, including the speed of the results being returned, however it will drastically reduce visits to websites that previously gave answers to these types of questions before Google’s answer technology was introduced. Is having a website that lists the time by location now completely useless?


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