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How project management tools help digital agencies

How project management tools help digital agencies
In order to grow as a business, it’s incredibly important to celebrate your journey, though it is just as crucial to examine the areas where you can also improve. Upon joining us here at Kolodo Agency, our digital project manager, Hollie identified one important area we needed to streamline.

Here, Hollie discusses how project management tools can radically help digital agencies when it comes to organisation, as well as why we as a business are particularly loving the project management tool, Notion.

Why project management tools are important in digital agencies…

With so many clients, projects and people to organise in the digital agency space, it is extremely beneficial to use a comprehensive project management tool to help ease the load. Throughout my previous experience, I have used various project management tools including Basecamp, Trello and Teamwork and whilst all of them offer different interfaces with their own special quirks, their general functionality remains the same.

We are using project management tools to facilitate better organisation

When I first joined Kolodo Agency, I shared this post illuminating on my first month on the job. I briefly mentioned that one of my first objectives was to action new processes that would help make everything more streamlined in terms of our delivery process.

Centralisation = Organisation

Having garnered feedback from the team, we all agreed that we were in desperate need of one centralised location, accessible to all, that housed important project information such as tech specs, Gantt charts, design files and sitemaps. Our new hub would also become the place for recording reactive changes and storing meeting notes, as well as housing dynamic Kanban boards featuring task tickets, all assigned and dated to the relevant developer, designer or marketer.

Enter: Notion

After briefly flirting with other PM tools such as Teamwork, Click Up and N Task, Notion was the firm favourite amongst the team. Notion had already been scoped out by our executive team as alongside project management functionality, it also offers other purposes beneficial to the business such as a place to request annual leave and keep track of finances. Notion, for us, has acted as our main hub (an intranet if you like ) – and it’s brilliant.

Thanks to Notion, everyone within the business now has a clear overview of where to find everything. Should we have people on annual leave, a key member of the team off sick, or somebody leaves the business, there is a permanent record of everything past and present that’s going on within our eco-system.

The right project management tool can make a big impact, in a short space of time

From a project delivery point of view, we use Notion in tandem with the popular time tracking and scheduling tool, Harvest and so with a combination of the two, we are well on our way to delivery greatness. In short, a project management tool like Notion has not only helped our general organisation, but it has also massively aided both transparency and communication with the agency. Winner!