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Social media marketing for bloggers

Social media marketing for bloggers
Linking your latest blogs/articles with your social media network is a winning combination. In this article, our experts have put together our top tips & tricks and benefits to linking content to your growing social network.

Writing content and creating blogs can seem very time consuming when running a business. With this in mind, did you know that each time you post a blog you’re not only providing your audience with important and relevant information, you’re giving Google and other search engines a reason to show your page at number one. The more traffic your content generates, the higher the chances to catch more prospects and ultimately, sales! 

Pushing your content socially

Creating quality content and uploading to your web-page is just the start to ensuring that your prospect has a reason to scour your site. However, driving organic traffic to a blog post upon a web-page is tricky. 

Using social media to promote traffic to your page is a fantastic way of introducing your articles/blogs/content to your network, whether that be a big or small following, consistency and quality will grow both your network and traffic to your site. 

Get your blog ranked to number one! There is no point writing a terrific piece of work if no one will get the chance to see it never mind reading it. Therefore, to ensure your journal is seen, working on your SEO (search engine optimisation) will increase the chances of ranking highly due to Google’s algorithm and Pagerank. 

Reach a wider audience

Incorporating blogs on your business’ social networks allows for the opportunity for more people to come across it. Not only will all the company’s network see it but if they like, comment and share the post, it will appear on their network’s feed too, ultimately doubling the post’s potential reach.

Free traffic

Make the most of the free services! It costs nothing to sign up to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so utilise it! Posting your latest blogs on your social media generates brand awareness and ultimately boosts the chance of traffic interacting with your new content. Remember to interact with your network as well as researching into what your network seem to like more than others to gain customer loyalty and increase customer retention!

Build better relationships with clients

Some companies love to talk about themselves constantly in their articles, which is great! However, it’s not for everyone… Blogs and articles are great to talk about new clients, advice, news, events and so much more! 

Talking about your clients and network is a real winner when it comes to building strong relationships with your clients. Not only does this create brand awareness for them, but also translates that you care about your business and your network on a somewhat personal level. 

Our top 4 ways to best promote blogs on social!

Now that you know the importance of sharing your blogs on social media, here are some key tips on how to make your journals stand out on social:

  1. Catchy titles/descriptions – grab the reader’s attention, I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before but it’s true! A captivating heading draws people in and entices them to continue reading. The same goes for the text on social blog posts, the descriptions needs to be short, informative and engaging.
  2. Intriguing images – similarly, a picture needs to catch the audience’s attention, so they’ll stop and read the blog. Visuals are a great way to promote a blog.
  3. Savvy social buttons (picture of the buttons) – giving readers direct access to share your content on all social media platforms with ease, from just the click of a button. It really is that simple!
  4. Involve industry influencers – Join social groups and follow popular bloggers in your niche. Like, comment, retweet and share their journals and in return they may reciprocate the favour, exposing your blog to a wider audience.

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