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eCommerce in 2020 – Our 3 predictions

eCommerce in 2020 – Our 3 predictions

Running a business can seem daunting at times, especially when you’re planning for the future. Why? Well unfortunately, no one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, never mind over the next few years, especially in the world of digital! 

25 years ago, in 1994, the first ever eCommerce transaction was placed and the world of digital began to change. A Sting CD was sold between a couple of friends in which the user entered their credit card details using data encryption. This being the first, it certainly wasn’t the last, in which it was reported that by the end of 2018, £96 billion was generated via eCommerce in the UK. 

With 2019 drawing to an end, as an eCommerce business, preparing for the new year can seem terrifying, especially without any planning or direction.

In this article, our experts have put together what we predict in 2020 in terms of trends regarding eCommerce, so that you can prepare for the new year.

Increasing use of Instagram shopping

This year, Instagram has rolled out a number of updates and added features, with some even announced as headline news! Bought by Facebook in 2012, the two industry leading social platforms have worked simultaneously to achieve “the best photo sharing experience” in the digital market. 

Reported that 1 billion active users engage on Instagram per month, the network has become the second highest most engaged network, behind its owners, Facebook. 

With this in mind, could Instagram again be looking for new ways to improve the development and engagement rate on their app, and if so, how can you prepare for whatever is next?

After Instagram’s consistent growth and fast paced feature development over the past few years, there is no way Instagram are stopping anytime soon. Through research and industry knowledge, our team of experts predict that Instagram’s shopping feature will see an increase in engagement, and become the new eCommerce trend. 

To be as accurate as a prediction can be, we envision that influencers and brands will continue to collaborate and promote products through the Instagram Shopping feature, using it as a tool to boost engagement. However with Instagram constantly looking for new ways to improve its service, how will users adapt and excel in such a fast paced moving application?

Brands will become even more environmentally friendly

This year, millions of people, brands and companies have decided to take action on climate change. With the nation coming together to tackle the major environmental issue, what impact has this had on the business world? 

In simple terms, without a world there’s no business. Nations have come together to try and resolve the damage we’ve already done to our environment. 

Many companies, such as Tesla, Apple, Nike, to name just a few, are some of the huge brands that have reacted to climate change. Apple reported that their data centres are 100% powered by renewable energy and state that it’s the only one in the industry to do so. 

Not only is renewable energy becoming the new mainstream source of power, but materials such as plastic, nylon and polyester have been recognised as an issue to the environment. 

Tackling such issues, the likes of Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, and many more huge brands have started looking for alternatives to move towards a more environmentally-friendly practice.

Our experts have predicted that this dramatic industry change will continue to grow, not only for the fashion industry, but for business worldwide. Going green can improve overall efficiency throughout the business and ultimately trim wasted operating costs. Being an eco-friendly business is going to be massively on trend in 2020!

Businesses will focus more on CRO

Your business’ traffic/customers are one of the most important factors, if not the most important, to a successful business. Without customers, what is a business? 

Ensuring you provide your customers with the best service and quality is key to retaining sales and ultimately driving profits. With an eCommerce site, adapting and adjusting your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is the most important marketing activity in our opinion. 

With the industry constantly evolving and developing new features, our prediction for 2020 is that CRO will adapt to the ever growing digital industry. We expect t see features such as voice search, retargeting and a rise of chatbots, becoming the new trending functionalities. 

We anticipate that voice search functionality will become even more popular due to the main function of any browser being information search. Ensuring your eCommerce site is ready and in-line with the new trending functions is key to capturing and making the most out of 2020.