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PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Which is the Most Popular in Search?

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Which is the Most Popular in Search?
PlayStation and Microsoft are once again launching their next gen consoles simultaneously, but which one is proving to be the most popular so far?

On the back of such a nightmarish year and with lockdown restrictions looking set to roll on into 2021, there has never been a greater appetite for some high quality gaming time.

Microsoft and Sony will be looking to capitalise on this with the launch of their brand new next gen consoles. On the run up to Christmas 2020, we take a look at which one of these new games consoles is proving to be the most popular in search.

Who is Ahead on Head Terms?

Winner: PlayStation 5

Let’s start off by looking at which of these new next gen consoles are attracting the largest number of searches via their brand names.

Well, at the time of writing the PS5 is a clear winner here with the keyword “PS5” alone attracting 3,350,000 local monthly searches in the UK over the past month according to Google Keyword Planner. This compares to just 1,500,000 searches for the term “Xbox Series X.

You could argue that the additional length of the keyword could be a contributor towards this, but even the keyword “Xbox” only attracted 550,000 searches compared to 1,000,000 for “PlayStation 5” over this same period.

Intention to Purchase

Winner: PlayStation 5

Now let’s take a look at the number of gamers who are looking to buy one of the new next gen consoles.

Well, according to the same Google Keyword Planner data there have been 33,100 searches in the UK over the past month for the term “buy ps5” compared to 6,600 for “buy Xbox series x” repeating the significant lead that Sony held on head terms.

The same pattern can be seen when looking at keywords relating to the release date of each respective console, with “ps5 release date” being searched for 450,000 times whilst “Xbox series x release date” has been searched 90,500 over the same period.

Headline Games

Winner: PlayStation

That’s the next gen consoles covered, but what about the headline gaming titles that are exclusive to each console?

Things are a bit more even here, with PS5 title “Spiderman Miles Morales” and Xbox exclusive “Halo Infinite” both generating 40,500 searches in September 2020.

The PlayStation title does edge ahead though when you take longer tail keyword variants into account. The keyword “new Spiderman game” for instance attracted 1,900 searches compared to just 480 for “new Halo game”. However, this could be influenced by the respective number of “fan boys” around each title, with superhero’s tending to demand a much larger following.

Racing Ahead

Winner: PlayStation

Both consoles will be making their exclusive driving game titles available soon after launch, with Xbox launching its 8th Forza Motorsport game and Playstation releasing Gran Turismo 7. So, where do they stand when it comes to searches on these titles?

Once again it is the PlayStation which comes out on top with the keyword “Gran Turismo 7” generating 27,100 searches over the past month compared to just 5,400 for “Forza Motorsport 8”. It is worth considering though that this may have been influenced by the levels of ambiguity around the exact name of each game.

Place Your Orders!

All in all it appears that the UK gaming communities love of the PlayStation remains, some 26 years after the launch of the original console.

This is despite what appears to be a high level of concern over the backwards compatibility of the new console with PlayStation 4 games, something which is immediately apparent upon surveying the long tail keywords which are generating search volume in this ecology. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has added this feature to its new next gen console which could provide them with a competitive advantage particularly when it comes to retaining existing members of the Xbox gaming community.

However, the high levels of search volume around both consoles is a key indicator that competition to be the first to own a next gen console is going to be high regardless of whether you opt for a PlayStation 5 or a Xbox Series X.

Whoever gets one of these bad boys under their Christmas tree can definitely count themselves lucky!

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