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Revolutionise your school with a new website

Revolutionise your school with a new website
Every business, service and institution should have some sort of online presence, whether that be a website, social media platforms or even an email rolling out monthly or quarterly.

A very common oversight that many businesses seem to make is that they feel as though anything digital or tech-related is too complicated. This need not be the case though – In this article, we’ll explain why an organisation such as a school can really reap the benefits from their very own bespoke website. 

Overlooking the rewards that your school could gain from an interactive website could be a huge mistake! A school website is a virtual hub for students, parents and staff to communicate and exchange information as well as being a place to showcase the school’s offerings.

Save time, money & effort with a school website.

Many schools worry about the cost of a new website, however, a website could actually prove to be more cost-effective than you think. We understand that saving money is always important, especially in the education sector, however, when it comes to printing frequent letters to parents, keeping them informed on day-to-day announcements and upcoming events/trips – a website could be an excellent solution. A website for your school can do all of the above as well as be the central hub where parents can check their children’s attendance, school reports, events and updates all online and with no paper involved!

In addition, your school won’t need to spend as much money on promoting itself as the website can do that for you! A few examples include: Highlighting your school’s achievements with photo galleries, a news section and the about us page. 

Enhance communication with a school website.

Members of a school community need to interact with each other regularly and an active website is the perfect platform to do so. Features such as a VLE (virtual learning environment) ensure these groups communicate effectively with one another when necessary, examples could include teacher feedback, parent consent letters and absent pupil forms.

Boost your students learning experience with a school website.

With a school website, students have the opportunity to access extra resources outside of lessons to help with homework and exams/coursework. Gaining access to the curriculum, presentations, documents, images and videos; ensuring the learning doesn’t stop once they step outside the classroom!

And don’t forget social media to point people to your new school website.

Incorporate a social media strategy into your website to boost your reach to parents, students and staff. Social media is hugely influential, as we well know. Many people will constantly look at their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram throughout the day (even before their emails), making it a great way to frequently target the right people.