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Top tips for boosting Black Friday sales

Top tips for boosting Black Friday sales
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly the biggest revenue opportunities for eCommerce and retail brands across the nation. Both annual events help to increase traffic and ultimately boost sales and revenue throughout a very short period of time.
Here, our digital experts share their tips and tricks for boosting your Black Friday sales this year!

What is Black Friday?

The four-day-long event is acknowledged for its exclusive and limited-time sales and discounts. Originally celebrated in the US, the occasion marks the first day after Thanksgiving as well as being the 4th Friday of the month. Over the years, the infamous Black Friday event has been known to cause chaos throughout the city streets with thousands of consumers desperate to grab the biggest and juiciest sale first!

Over the course of Black Friday weekend, you will you see queues of merry shoppers looking for a Christmas bargain! Christmas shoppers will be out in their droves all wrapped up in scarves and big coats with pockets of money ready to burn!  However, with footfall on the British highstreet spiking, money won’t only be spent in-store. In fact, online shopping sales last year in 2018 alone generated a grand total of £1.49bn!

What can you do as an e-commerce company to ensure a sales and revenue increase and ultimately beat the previous year’s sales target?

Preparation is key

As with any event, when it comes to preparing, you can never be too early. If you want the best outcome, preparation is key… Especially for Black Friday. Starting early doesn’t mean announcing your discounts early, however, thorough research and collecting data from previous years you will gain a better understanding of how the market will alter and adapt to the spike over the weekend. 

Do your research

Research is also imperative when it comes to preparing for the Black Friday weekend ahead. You need to understand how the market will change and affect your brand. Collecting data into how well or how not so well your company performed in the previous year/s will generate key insights into how you may perform this year. 

From this, any changes to your service, or any updates to your product, place, price, and promotion can be changed to become fit for the market. Researching competitors and their offerings is also a fantastic idea. Understanding every corner of your market is crucial to generating the best experience for your customers which ultimately drives sales and revenue.

Promote your offers

Promoting your discounts doesn’t have to be shown across the side of a skyscraper for your customers to notice. It all depends on your strategy towards what you’re selling and who you’re selling it too. 

Researching and understanding your market will provide you with insights into how, where and when to promote your service online. Creating an online presence and ensuring it’s fit and ready for your customers is just as important as managing a store.

Use social media

Leading up to the weekend, you may notice that social media becomes flooded with brands promoting deals and discounts. Social media can be a fantastic way of reaching and spreading the word to your customers/following and ultimately drive sales and traffic to your site. 

Through quality content, pushing content to your followers/customers can be free, however, it can be time-consuming. Furthermore, some social networks allow companies to push their content through paid Ads which leads to your product on their page feed. Through channelling an audience to post your social Ad campaigns too, allows you to post to the right audience/following and in-app purchases should see a spike if done correctly! 

Use Google Ads

Depending on your budget and your SEO, promoting your offerings on Google via Google Ads can ensure a number 1 position for your site. Google Ads is a system that allows the seller to bid upon its customers searches. Through in-depth keyword research and understanding your market, bidding on your customer’s searches will ultimately allow you to grant their wishes.

Promoting your services discounts and deals across the net is very powerful and can be a complete success. However, remember to keep track of the results your campaign is generating to get an idea into how your campaigns are performing throughout the build-up leading towards the weekend and the weekend itself!

It’s always important to track data and insights as noticing a problem or issues or in some cases even an Ad that isn’t performing well can be deleted with data to support your decision. As well as noticing problems, tracking data can give you insights into what works, furthermore, this will give you the opportunity to capture what exactly your customer interacts with.  

Ensuring your promotions and placements are performing how you expected, is the key to saving money, time, stress and ultimately leads to an increase in profits.

Check your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

With an acquired strategic plan and collected key in-depth research behind you, ensuring your website is achieving and performing at the highest level is by far the most important. Without a website or any online presence, how on earth would a customer find who you are or what you’re offering? Unless you have thousands of stores across the nation and your brand is known in every inch of the world how are sales and traffic going to be generated…? You’d be brandless!

Through CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) noticing factors such as ensuring your website has the fastest page load speed is key to generating not only sales but also good customer satisfaction. Christmas is a very busy season as we all know, so don’t slow shoppers down! They’ll go next door…

Ensure your sites user experience is easy to navigate, and your call to actions are professional yet attractive to the eye. No shopper would go into a store that was chaos, nor would they buy a product with a till that’s hidden, busy, broken or in some cases too far away. So don’t make your call to actions any different.

A/B testing can be a great way of understanding what your customers like, and don’t. Leading up to the weekend, testing and trying is key, no one can 100% guarantee what is going to happen, however allowing time to alter changes and testing one or two options is a great way to make your life easier and your sales and profits increase.


No one can really predict what to expect when it comes to events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however with a healthy strategic plan, an understanding of your market and a strong team behind you. You should be more than fine! 


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