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Two years working with Grosvenor Furniture

Two years working with Grosvenor Furniture
We are delighted to be celebrating 24 months of our partnership with Grosvenor Furniture. A collaboration which has resulted in strong growth for this leading Cheshire-based Furniture supplier!

Two years ago, Grosvenor Furniture approached Kolodo Agency in need of a new website as a result of the Magento 1 ‘end of life’ announcement. This meant that all Magento 1 merchants were to either move to Magento Commerce 2, with software support for the previous version coming to an end, or move to another software.

Through a discovery workshop, our team of digital experts planned exactly what was required by the brand, and by their customers. Taking the time to analyse and gain a clear understanding of all the problems encountered with their previous website was crucial step in order to achieve the success we promised.

On the 21st November 2018, the Kolodo Agency team proudly announced the new and improved Grosvenor Furniture website was ready for launch, and it quickly became apparent that we were well on course to fulfilling our promises. We also helped them relaunch themselves, from previously being known as Grosvenor Beds.

Within the first month of the new website being live, Grosvenor Furniture had increased their users by a staggering 45%! – In fact, after a year went by, not only did users increase, but Average Session Duration had also increased by 29% thanks to our ongoing conversion rate optimisation work.

After a year had gone by, Grosvenor Furniture had accomplished much more than they had ever expected, in sales, revenue and increased brand awareness owing to our improved digital marketing service and enhanced organic search engine presence.

However, our team was not prepared to rest on its laurels as we knew that there was so much else that we could achieve.

Paid search and shopping

Our SEO work had ensured that the organic search engine presence of the Grosvenor Furniture website was continuing to expand. However, we knew that the revenue possible via paid search and shopping on the main search engine platforms is not to be missed out on.

We utilised the data which had been collected over the past 12 months to build a picture of the Grosvenor Furniture customer base. We then used the customer profiles created to conduct a very strategic PPC campaign to specifically target ads at the customers who were most likely to make a conversion. This was complemented by us bidding to appear on keywords where we knew that our organic search efforts had not yet rewarded us with notable ranking positions.

Grosvenor Furniture are now achieving a Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 5.5x on average over a 12 month period, which some months is peaking at 11x. Throughout the year, we’ve built a variety of bespoke PPC campaigns optimised for special events (i.e. Black Friday) and national holidays (i.e. Christmas). Acknowledging that Black Friday is undoubtedly the biggest revenue opportunity for eCommerce, we designed a bespoke campaign and looked to amplify our messaging with increased spend. Grosvenor Furniture was able to double the highest total revenue of the year during this period on the back of this, proving that our strategy had helped the brand stand out over the competition.

However it wasn’t only the efforts of our PPC campaigns that achieved success. Through intelligent email campaigns and re-marketing, we were able to promote sales, offers and discounts codes to all their valued customers; creating yet more sales!

Social overhaul

Having worked with Grosvenor Furniture over the past two years, we had built a strong relationship and a clear understanding of both the industry and competitors. As a result of this, our digital marketing team had seen the perfect opportunity to increase sales, traffic and brand awareness through instagram.

However, noticing that the activity on the Instagram page had come to a halt, with a following of 1500, we decided to overhaul the profile and began to put together a strategic approach to increase followers, likes, comments, shares and ultimately sales through the Instagram Shopping feature. 

Within 4 months, our team had doubled the number of followers, and overall activity due to a top level social media plan.

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